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5 Myths About Warts You Probably Believe


You may think that warts only grow on toads, ugly stepmothers and villainous witches, but, in reality, anyone can get a wart at any age. At our Phoenix dermatology office we see a lot of patients suffering from warts, many of whom are unaware of how they got them, why they’ve spread and how to treat them.  To help spread wart awareness, we’ve rounded up some of the the most common myths about warts. Read on to discover what’s true and what’s false when it comes to the little known world of warts.

Myth #1: Warts Are Caused By Toads

False. Warts are in no way caused by toads. There is only one cause of warts, and that is the human papillomavirus (HPV).  HPV causes rapid growth of the skin, resulting in unsightly raised bumps on the outer layer of the skin, usually on the hands and fingers.

Myth #2: Warts Are Contagious

True. Warts are spread from direct skin-to-skin contact with an infected person or through third party objects used by someone with warts, such as a doorknob.

Like with acne, it’s best to clean your skin on a regular basis as a precaution and to prevent other warts from forming elsewhere.

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Myth #3: Warts Cause Cancer

True and False. Common warts that you get on your hands and feet are benign, meaning that they don’t cause cancer. However, some genital warts caused by a small percentage of HPVs can be cancer causing.  To learn more about HPVs that cause cancer, click here.

Myth #4: Warts can’t be removed.

False.  When it comes to unfortunate myths about warts, this is the worst because it stops many people from seeking treatment. In fact, contrary to popular belief, warts can be removed in a variety of different ways. Here at our Phoenix dermatology office we remove warts using a process known as cryotherapy. This procedure involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart, causing it to fall off and new skin to grow in its place.

Myth #5: Warts Don’t Reoccur Once Removed

False. Unfortunately, warts can grow back once they’ve been removed since there is no cure for the virus. The only thing you can do is manage your warts by visiting your local dermatologist on a frequent basis.

The only way to prevent yourself from getting warts is by frequently washing your hands, especially after contact with an infected person. Remember, your skin is a fragile organism and needs lots of protection, not only from the sun, but from viruses as well.

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If you have questions about warts or other myths about warts you want answers to, call our dermatology office in Phoenix at 602-944-4626. Not only do we provide treatment for warts, but we treat a whole host of other skin issues  as well as provide screenings for skin cancer.