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Are Chemical Peels Safe for Sensitive Skin?

Are Chemical Peels Safe for Sensitive Skin?

Do you see wrinkles or lines on your face when you look in the mirror that make you look older than you really are? Do you feel that your skin is as healthy as it could be? Like so many others concerned with the health of their skin, you might be interested in a chemical peel to lift damaged skin cells away, leaving newer, healthier cells on the surface of your skin.

Chemical peels are very popular with people who are hoping to diminish wrinkles and get rid of skin blemishes. Those who have received a chemical peel treatment observe that their skin feels more youthful and vibrant than it did before.

Generally speaking, chemical peels performed by an expert are safe and effective. However, not all chemical peels are the same and not every person’s skin will react the same way to a chemical peel.

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Some have asked if they should avoid chemical peels if they feel that their skin is too sensitive. This depends on a couple of key factors.

Type of Peel

There are generally 3 different levels of chemical peels that dermatologists will administer – mild, medium and deep. Your dermatologist will determine which peel to use on your skin based on their experience and their examination of your skin. Typically, you will discuss your desired outcome of the chemical peel as well as a history of any skin conditions you may have had in the past.

Mild chemical peel treatments are safe for most skin types, even very sensitive skin. Because these peels are milder than others, they are much less likely to produce negative side effects. They are meant to focus on only the very top layers of damaged skin. You may find that you need multiple treatments to see the results you are looking for.

Going a bit deeper, medium peels are meant to address minor wrinkles in the face. Medium peels, such as the trichloroacetic peel, are more intense, which means they may lead to more sensitivity to the sun. These are probably the most popular of all chemical peels because doctors can make slight changes to suit different skin types.

The deepest of chemical peels, known as phenol peels, are definitely not right for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin. This peel takes off several layers of skin in one treatment and can sometimes lead to permanent bleaching of the skin. Most dermatologists reserve a deep chemical peel for special situations and those with light skin.

Let an Expert Perform Your Chemical Peel

If you decide that you want a chemical peel, it is very important that you work with an experienced and knowledgeable dermatologist. The results you will see from a chemical peel will greatly depend on the skills and abilities of the person performing the peel. Dermatologists have in-depth knowledge about the skin and are able to make the best determination as to which peel will be safest for your skin type.

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