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Common Skincare Mistakes You Are Making

Our skin is an amazing organ and everyone has his or her own skincare routine to care for it. Despite having good intentions, many people sabotage their own skin by making some of the most common skincare mistakes.  The simplest changes in your daily habits can make the biggest difference in your skin. Here are five common skincare mistakes you may be making.


One of the most common mistakes people make is not using sunscreen. Although most people know to put on sunscreen before heading out into the sun, many people don’t know that UV rays damage your skin every time you are outside. Dr. Mendelson warns that you’re not safe from the sun’s harmful rays even during cloudy weather. People are actually exposed to as much as 40% of UV rays when the sun is not shining. These rays can damage DNA, destroy collagen, deplete your skin of essential nutrients like vitamin A, and even lead to skin cancer. It’s important to remember to apply sunscreen regularly and use a product with an SPF of at least 30.

Another mistake people often make is not washing their face before bed. Sleeping with dirt, oil, or makeup on your face can clog and enlarge pores and increase breakouts. In addition, most makeup contains ingredients that irritate skin so letting it sit overnight damages the skin.

Although it is important to wash and exfoliate, over-exfoliating is also big skincare don’t. Exfoliating too much will break down the skin’s natural barrier and destroy skin cells, which can lead to flaking, dehydration, and inflammation. Physical exfoliants such as scrubs should only be used under the direction of a licensed skincare specialist to prevent over-exfoliating with poor quality ingredients.

Furthermore, using hot water for showers or baths can be harsh on skin. Although it may feel good, hot water dries out the skin and leaves skin looking dull. Using lukewarm water will keep pores smaller and make your skin look much healthier and brighter.

Lastly, not getting enough sleep at night will also affect your skin. A lack of sleep will lead to more fine lines or wrinkles, dull skin tone, and dryness. Sleep is when the skin restores itself so it is recommended to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Avoid these five common skincare mistakes and take better care of your skin. If you are concerned about your skin, visit Mendelson Dermatology at our Phoenix, Arizona office to learn more about the rejuvenating skincare procedures and treatments offered. With easy and effective treatment options, Mendelson Dermatology offers a variety of solutions for your skincare problems and needs.