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Perform an At-Home Skin Analysis to Find Your Skin Type

at home skin analysis

It’s very important to know what skin type you have so you can base your skincare regimen on your individual skin needs. Our dermatology office in Phoenix can help you with this process, but you can also perform a skin analysis at home to find out your skin type.

These are the 4 skin types:

  • Oily
  • Combination
  • Sensitive
  • Dry

Here are the characteristics for each skin type that will help you with your at-home skin analysis:

Oily Skin

    • Shiny skin, especially in the t-zone (forehead down the nose to the chin)
    • Enlarged pores
    • Susceptible to blackheads and breakouts in the shiny areas
    • Skincare Regimen: Use a cleanser designed for oily skin, oil free moisturizers, astringent products and makeup for oily skin. Powder makeup (instead of liquid) can help with oiliness.

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Combination Skin

    • Combination skin is what most women have.
    • Includes a slightly oily t-zone and drier cheeks.
    • Can have dry patches.
    • Smooth texture.
    • Skincare Regimen: Depending on the variances between your t-zone and dry spots, you may have to treat each area with different products. Astringents can keep the oiliness at bay while dry spots may need extra moisturizing. This applies to makeup as well. Liquid makeup can work for combination skin, but powder may need to be applied over the liquid in oily areas.


Sensitive Skin

    • Delicate skin prone to redness and irritation.
    • Can have unpleasant reactions to makeup and cleansers with lots of chemicals and fragrances.
    • Skincare Regimen: Look for cleansers, moisturizers and makeup developed for sensitive skin. Stay away from irritating fragrances and acidic skincare products.

Dry Skin

    • Dry, flaky patches across the cheeks and other areas.
    • Feels tight after cleansing.
    • Never feels hydrated, even after moisturizing.
    • Skincare Regimen: Use moisturizing cleansers that won’t dry the skin. Use heavy moisturizers that will last all day. Exfoliate weekly, but be aware of irritation from over exfoliating. Consider using a humidifier in your room overnight. Liquid makeups will generally give the best coverage without looking flaky.


Once you’ve performed your skin analysis at home, come visit Mendelson Dermatology. We can put together the perfect line of products for you from our Image Skincare line. We can pick and choose products that will work for you based on your skin type.

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