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Tips for Protecting Your Skin in the Winter

Winter is here, and with its wonderful and refreshing cool weather comes the inevitable dry skin that we see each year at this time. Not only does the cold weather we are exposed to outside dry out our skin, but the heat we are exposed to indoors can be equally as damaging.

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We can fight back against this dryness by simply following proven methods to keep our skin healthy in the winter.

1. Drink plenty of water. Keeping our skin hydrated starts with keeping our insides hydrated. Be sure to drink 8 glasses of water every day. Cutting back on alcohol and caffeine can also help us maintain the hydration we need.

2.  Use a humidifier if possible. This helps to keep the air moist and our skin healthy. It is also a good idea to avoid overusing indoor heaters that can quickly dry out skin.

3. Focus on your hands. The skin on our hands and fingers is much thinner than other parts of our body. Thinner skin means less oil glands, which leads to dry skin. If you are going outside into the cold, wear gloves to keep your hands warm and protected.

4. Use thicker lotions as you get older. The older we get, the more likely we are to have dry skin. It is important to use the right type of moisturizers and lotions as we get older to compensate for what our skin is unable to do. Using products with a higher concentration of petroleum can make a difference.

5. Stick with products that work. As with most things we buy and use today, you get what you pay for. This is true with moisturizers and lotions as well. Buying cheap or inexpensive products may not do the trick and leave you with itching flaky hands in no time. Be sure to use products that are proven to work.

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At Mendelson Dermatology, we use and offer a variety of medical-grade skincare products, developed and formulated by internationally recognized chemists and physicians. These products do an amazing job of keeping skin protected and healthy. Our clients love our product lines, especially when combating dry skin that can lead to irritation and cracking.

If you find yourself suffering from dry skin each winter and would like to see a change, we invite you to learn more about what we have to offer. Call today at 602-944-4626.