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Hair Loss and Nail Fungus Treatment

At Mendelson Dermatology in Phoenix, we treat a wide variety of hair and nail conditions. Both are considered part of your skin and deserve the same level of treatment as any other skin condition. Here are some of the hair and nail conditions we treat at our Phoenix dermatology office:

Hair Loss and Alopecia Treatment

Losing your hair can be very difficult to endure. At our dermatology office in Phoenix, we see many patients who have lost their hair or are beginning to see hair loss. Through some of the newest and most advanced hair loss treatment methods, we can address the issue and recommend the best treatment for your specific situation and needs.

Whether your hair loss is simply caused by genetics or a hair loss disorder such as Alopecia Areata, we can help. Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune condition that unfortunately has no cure, but we have ways of treating and combating the effects of the condition. Through steroid alopecia treatments and topical treatments, we can help each of our alopecia patients regain their confidence.

Nail Fungus and Infections

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, nail problems account for ten percent of dermatological conditions. There’s a wide range of issues from nail discoloration to fungal infections of the nail. Fungal infections are one of the most prevalent nail issues we address at our Phoenix dermatology office. Through the use of topical medicines and oral antibiotics, we can have your nails looking better quickly.

Check your nails for the following signs of nail problems:

If you suspect you have a nail fungus infection or another nail issue, call our Phoenix dermatology office at 602-944-4626 and schedule a consultation today.