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Rashes and Irregular Pigmentation Treatment

Very few people are blessed with ‘perfect’ skin. Most of us at one time or another in our lives will experience skin problems such as rashes or irregular pigmentation. Whatever the cause, Mendelson Dermatology in Phoenix can help.

If you’re suffering from rashes due to dry skin or a more complicated issue such as rosacea, we can address your problems. There are many common causes for rashes including:

Regardless of the cause of your skin irritation, our Phoenix dermatology office can help you regain your comfort and beautiful skin. Through our advanced diagnostics and Image Skincare line, we can design a treatment suitable for your individual needs.

We can also address irregular pigmentation caused by:

Part of our practice includes Mendelson Med Spa, a part of Mendelson Dermatology that focuses on the aesthetic side of skincare. We have a revolutionary machine called the Regenlite that can resolve skin pigmentation issues.

Along with the Regenlite system, your dermatologist at Mendelson Dermatology can help you explore other avenues that can reduce the look of irregular skin pigmentation.

If you’re suffering from uncomfortable, unsightly rashes or skin pigmentation issues, call Mendelson Dermatology at 602-944-4626 in Phoenix today. We can schedule a consultation and help you look and feel your best.